2023 CNY Eve

Reunion Dinner
Hosts Serene, Gisy and Justin

An outstanding spread of at least 10 dishes.

Serene, Justin, Gisy

-Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable with Roast ..Pork (Dai kai choy)


Serene, Justin, Gisy

-Ngoh Hiang aka Hokkien Sausage

HILL Family

-Mushroom Soup (Vegetarian, Asian Style)
-Dessert - Tapioca Gula Melaka?

Marcus and Lillian

-Spicy/Sour Hakka Pork

-Oxtail Stew


Casey and Joan

FAKE SEA CUCUMBER (aka Beef Tendon with Shitake Mushroom)

An outstanding Delicacy

-A bottle of Red Wine

Patricia Schatz-Chan - Lohei

-Two orders of Lohei (Mixed prosperous tossed vegetables)

Courtesy of Jeremy's Lobang

Casey will suppy extra salmon

-Special home made smoke salmon

Wee Ling and Albert

-Stir Fried Prawn

-Mixed Broccoli Vegetable

Elaine, Jason, Oliver & Zach

-Teriyaki Chicken Skewers


-Roast Duck

Alvin, Eileen, Emma, Evan

-Kueh Pai Tee - A Nonya vegetable cup cake


Casey's contribution on behalf of guests.

-Sliced beef shank, aka Golden Coins

with black vinegar and cucumber slices.