Patent Due Diligence

The Patent Due Diligence Involve the Following 3 level Diligence

  1. Patent Survey
    - State of Art Review
    (first cut by keyword search)

    1. What are the features of current state of art design

    2. The most common classification for later more focus search later

  2. Patentability
    - is there prior art, novelty, inventive step.....

    1. patent database

    2. open literature

    3. other public domain sources

    4. new teachings

    5. use simcheck and ithenticate in CiteReady

  3. Freedom to Operate

    1. Claim tree

    2. One hand rule

    3. You

  4. Patent Landscape

    1. Competitors, trends and scope

    2. Most useful for companies, less helpful for specific design

Patent Law - is business a business law

Government confer the the exclusive right to inventor/assignee the exclusive right to manufacture and sell invention.

Invention is strictly defined the the