New Google Sites

Tricks and Tips

Advanced Features in Google Sites

You Tube Video Very many cool features.

Link to a Specific Section on web page.
Note that New Google Sites does not auto creat anchor. You have to manually create as follows.

See this video how.

Or just go to the latest published page and highlight the section title you want to link to, right click and copy link to highlighted text.

How to create custom hyperlink.

  1. Go to the page with the content you want to link to and click Edit. <HTML>.

  2. Add an anchor link to your text. For example:
    name="AnchorName"> Text for Anchor <p style="color:blue;font-size:20px;"></a>
    Tip: "AnchorName" = name for the link.
    or <a id="INSERT AnchorName HERE">

  3. Click Update. Save.

  4. To jump to specific anchor on same web page, add
    To at the end of the URL add #AnchorName
    or <a href="AnchorName">GoTo AnchorName</a>

  5. To jump to specific anchor from another web page:
    To at the end of the URL add #AnchorName
    <a>Text to Display</a>

Web page is more compact and easier to read with collapsible text.

To create collapsible text go to Insert then click on Collapsible text. Each collapsible text is a block!

This is the collapsible text.