CiteReady Linkage  is the currently the landing page for all public versions of CiteReady.  

 If login is selected in , it then redirects to for login to  choose 

#1 for new version or   #2 for legacy

#1        for new version go to  which then redirect to for login

  #2 for legacy verion go to to login to  for the legacy version.   Legacy version URL is 

Note that the database for #1 and #2 are linked,  changes in one will be reflected in the other.

CiteReady Development Platform is here:

htps://     this is then redirect for login to 

Note that the database for is independent for testing only,  changes here will NOT  be reflected in #1 New version or #2 legacy version        is only a test platform.

The high school version is a module for short essays. After user registration and entering a coupon code, the server will check whether the user's institution has subscribed to this service to activate the module.

Once the module is activate. The user will see a folder which could be use to upload PDF or Word for analyzing.