Organic Farm

How does an Organic Farm work and thrive in Canada.

Here is how it works

My wife's family is the Foote family who has been farming in the Janetville area for at least 3 generations.  Janetville is located about 50 miles from Toronto and is surrounded by several small towns.

Here is an abundance of harvest of organic vegetables.
How does an organic farm thrive and continue to be sustainable?

It is a 100% organic by not having any mechanical machinery or use artificial fertilizers on the farm.

All  ploughing and transportation are done by horse drawn equipment.

Hays and corn are grown and fed to the to the organically grown cattles.

Corn and spoilt vegetables are fed to the organically reared pigs.

Discharge from the cattles and pigs are then used as fertilizers. 

Thus a 100% organic virtous cycle is maintained.

Here is a video of this idyllic organic farm.

Visit Lunar Rhythm Gardens and see what happens on the farm. You'll get a peek of the greenhouse, the crew working in the field and the horse team in action.