What's the Value Propositions?

A bunch of easy-to-use features for research
and citation collaboration and sharing.

Compelling Reasons to use CiteReady

  1. Selected literature search results are automatically saved as citation ready bibliographic data and include links and abstracts.

  2. CiteReady's literature search platform is linked to all major literature search engine for auto generation of citation ready bibliographies. Access to 100 million articles at your fingertips.

  3. CiteReady's comprehensive organization tools has easy drag and drop folder and bibliography management. in addition journal articles are easily retrieved by custom or auto-generated key words.

  4. One click quick PDF search and download from users' institution subscription base.

  5. Quick linking of PDFs to bibliographies allow easy web access from multiple location at any time.

  6. A responsive web application that is always up an to date and requires no software update by the end users.

  7. Collected bibliographic data are citation ready using a powerful cross platform citation engine suitable for collaborative citation.

  8. CiteReady's cross platform configurable citation engine has all the major citation styles plus over 2,000 additional choices.