Social Distancing and Isaac Newton the greatest scientist of all time. 

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Sir Isaac Newton, biography and publications

During a pandemic, Isaac Newton had to work from home, too. He used the time wisely.

Isaac Newton was not born on Christmas day as is popularly believed.

He was believed to have Asperger syndrome.

The apple tree with the falling apple that inspired Newton is still standing in England after 350 years.

He died at age 84 without a will or descendents.

Read about these and other interesting facts in his biography here.

Newton wrote one of his best scientific work, the calculus during enforced social distancing at the time of the English Plague.

Newton was in his twenties during the English plague, just like Einstein wrote one of their best scientific work while they were still in their twenties.

Newton observed a falling apple but also wonder if the moon also falls towards the earth.  The mathematics of his time was not sufficient for him to work out the trajectory of the falling moon.  This inspired him to write Principia Mathematica the greatest scientific publication of all centuries.

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Most people know him only for his encounter with a common fruit.

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Highlight text between lines, then Copy and Paste-------------------------------------------------------------------------------ISAAC NEWTON and SOCIAL DISTANCINGSoon you may soon not be allowed to see this controversial article.   The British Government may ban this article. Read it before it becomes unavailable.  He wrote calculus one of the greatest mathematical thesis in the enforced social distancing during the English plague.  He published one of the greatest scientific work in human history. Most people know him only for his encounter with a common fruit.  Yet few people know he died a lonely and erratic bachelor at age 84.   Who is he and what did he publish?    To see more go to FRUIT . ( . The article is not very flattering of his personality but sympathetic.If you enjoy reading this article please forward  this message to your contacts.  --------Highlight text between lines, then Copy and Paste