About Me

 I live in beautiful Singapore.

Sailing in a rented yacht in the Singapore harbour.    
Slope Soaring of RC glider in Phuket

My name is Casey Chan Kwan Ho

I was born and raised in Singapore.  At about the age of about 16, I was on an engineering scholarship to Canada (Colombo Plan) at the university of Toronto to study aerospace engineering.  Instead of doing a PhD, I opted for an MD degree figuring that I can still go for an academic career after I graduate as there were no openings for academic jobs in the 1970's. This dual field gave me more opportunity and choice for career choices.  I figure I can still go for an academic career in teaching and research after my MD degree.  I spend most of my adult life and working career in Canada and US. It took me a while to adjust to the working life in Singapore when I returned in year 2000.

I am now a retired professor from the National University of Singapore and I was also an academic orthopedic surgeon for most of my career..  I still work as an independent inventor of medical devices and continue to consult on web based applications.  I still do part time teaching for  undergraduate medical students at the National University Hospital of Singapore.

I am a Canadian citizen currently living in Singapore as a permanent resident with my Canadian wife of 30 years. We have done so for the last 22 years.

You can write to me at casey+site@aceblaster.com

In my spare time, I enjoy Python coding, building and flying RC gliders.

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I particularly enjoy Slope Soaring of RC Gliders in Phuket, Thailand.