My Credentials as an Entrepreneur

Executive Summary

 Dual qualification in engineering (aerospace) and medicine (academic orthopedic surgeon)

Accomplished technologist in software, biotech and medtech.  Founded or cofounded 13 startups in the Bay area and Singapore of which 2 Bay area startups have gone onto IPO.

I am currently Adjunct Professor at NUS teaching part time in the Department of Orthopedics and coteaching the BioDesign module at the Department of Biomedical Engineering.   Advisor to a number of start up founders on business strategy and funding.

I have two and a half decades of experience in management, strategy and new venture creation from early stage start up to securing venture funding.

I am a driven entrepreneurial actuator , having the ability to build, nurture and inspire diversified teams of startup founders.  I have extensive entreprenurial  exposure having built strong relationships and network of businesses, angel investors, as well government agencies in Singapore and the Bay area.

My strong track record is evident from the number of surgery ready devices that I patented, developed and licenced to major medical device companies in the US.  The successes in delivering surgery product are examplified by some of these products becaming the standard of surgical practice today.  Balancing both financial and device certification requirements.

I believe in giving back to the public as well as to individual founders and serves as pro bono advisor  to varied founders of startups and I also sits on award comittees of public funding  agencies.   


B. A. Sc.      University of Toronto (1971 Aerospace Engineering)

M. A.  Sc.      University of Toronto (1972 Aerospace Engineering)

M.D.             University of Toronto (1978 Medicine)

Current Appointments 

Adjunct Professor at NUS

Part time teaching at NUS in the Department of Orthopedics and
co-teaching the BioDesign module (BN3101 undergraduate and BN5101 graduate) at the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

In December, 2023 I was invited by Singapore Enterprise to be a member of the FINAL EVALUATION PANEL FOR STARTUP SG TECH

20 years ago, I launched the BioDesign model BN3101 at NUS and taught this module for many years.  This module was voted as the most valuable undergraduate module 10 years in a row.  Testimonial verification is available from Prof Leo Hwa Liang head of administration at Dept of Biomedical Engineering.

Past academic appointments
Sep 1988 – Sep 1991: Associate Professor, McMaster University, Canada

Sep 1985 – Sep 1988: Assistant Professor, McGill University, Canada

Appointed on the Governing board of Mechanobiology Institute, NUS as appointed by the Ministry of Health for a term of 5 years (2014)

Relevant Administrative and Entrepreneural Experience

5 years as the director of the technology transfer office at NUS, the predecessor of the present  ILO office, NUS.

Then promoted as CEO of NUS Enterprise, the equivalent of an NUS vice president of entrepreneurship. I was appointment by the then President of NUS Prof Shih Choon Fong.

Recent Activities

In April 2024 at the invitation of Singapore BioDesign, A*STAR I gave a 4 hour workshop on IP Fundamentals followed by tutorials for the BioDesign fellow.

The same workshop was also given to the undergraduates and graduates of the BioDesign module at NUS

Successful Deployments 

The above image is a bone cement vacuum mixing system that I designed, patented and licensed to Zimmer Biomet, the largest orthopedic device manufacturer in the US.  It it now a standard in surgical practice for joint replacement surgery.  A Google search using my name (Chan Kwan Ho) and the term bone cement will show many of my patents and work in bone cement indicating that I am a world authority in this subject matter.
During the life of the patent, I was receiving US $250,000 for 20 years

Please see my  write up here on why this is a significant Singapore biotech achievement  

Commercialization Readiness

When we founded VentureMD as a medical device incubator
VentureMD take an idea and  develope it into a surgery product.  

VentureMD was funded with the founders' own money without any VC funding. We studied all Venture Capital funded projects and determine what are the critical factors that make the funding a success.

We found that the single most important critical success factor is dependent on the degree of due diligence that was done on the project.

The best way  to view  a snap shot of the  due diligence is by way of a radar chart.

I have created a way to automatically generate a radar chart in Google Chart when certain milestones are reached.

Directorship, Consultancy & Industry Experience

Member of Selection Committee, MIT-SMART Innovation Grant (2015-2021) 

Member of Steering Committee, Future Healthcare, Nanyang Technological University      (2015 to 2019)

Founding investor and consultant, Surgical Frontiers Series I LLC

General Partner, VentureMD LLC

Director at the following companies:

    WizPatent Pte Ltd    (2001-2005)

    OrthoGenic Pte Ltd  (2001-2005)

    SABIO Pte Ltd (2009-2015) Non-executive

    Humanyx Pte Ltd (2007-2015)

Consultant to a number of Bay area technology start ups including USGI, Voyage, and Baxano.