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Dr. Chan has a master degree in aerospace engineering as well he is also a trained orthopedic surgeon.  He has over 40 issued US patents as listed here for reference only.

Vacuum Mixing of Bone Cement

Bone cement used in replacement surgery is generally weak because of air bubble trapped in the cement during mixing.  I invented a first generation vacuum mixing system and subsequently developed 2nd generation self contained vacuum mixer.

Compact Vacuum Mixer

Compact Vacuum Bone Cement Mixer

Dr. Chan invented a first generation vacuum mixing system and subsequently developed a 2nd generation self contained vacuum mixer.  These were licensed to ZimmerBiomet and are very successfully marketed by ZimmerBiomet. See the Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System on the left.

Google my name and bone cement ("chan kwan ho bone cement") you will find many hits related to my vacuum mixing system.

This vacuum mixing system is now a standard of surgical practice.  The head of Orthopedics at NUS has attest that this is indeed a standard of surgical practice. Testimony on file.

During the life time of the patent the patent oyalty was USD 200,000 a year for 20 years. IRS verification on file.

OrthoGenic is now developing a 3rd generation vacuum mixer which is even more compact and can be developed for multiple orthopedic companies.  This will require heavy investment to bring it to production ready prototype, file patent and develop a business plan.  This is a high value project.  The technology is currently under patent filing and design freeze is pending.  Disclosure of details will require confidentiality agreement.   

Shoulder arthroscopy to repair torn tendon

The current standard of practice to repair a torn tendon due to aging is by keyhole shoulder arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Chan's contribution to arthroscopic surgery is not insubstantial a Google search using the term Chan Kwan Ho arthroscopic knot tying will reveal many of his contribution.

Shoulder Tendon Repair System by Chan et al

Dr. Chan's recent contribution to arthroscopic shoulder surgery 

 A 2nd generation arthroscopic tendon repair system KATOR was voted as the best sports medicine technology in 2018Dr. Chan is the lead inventor of this technology.  It is now commercially available.  KATOR (acquired by CRES) was officially announced in 8th February 2022 to be part of Depuy Orthopedics, a leading US orthopedic device company.  The value of the acquisition is worth USD 10 million.  Press announcement here.

Dr. Chan is now embarking on developing a 5th generation arthroscopic tendon repair system. The new system has many surgical advantages in saving surgical time, ease of use for the surgeon, stronger and more secure fixation and total cost savings.

OrthoGenic is currently acquiring more technology to build production ready products for clinical evaluation and device certifications. The technology is currently under patent filing and design freeze is still pending.  Disclosure of details will require a confidentiality agreement.

Other products that Dr. Chan has participated in bringing to surgical use include the following as listed here. 

Here are some of the portfolio companies.   https://surgicalfrontiers.com/#news

Prior achievements at VentureMD and Surgical Frontiers

Over 100 Product Launches. Over 250 Patents

The team has an impressive track record of bringing advanced surgical technologies

 to clinical use for the benefit of patients worldwide. 

Former Team VentureMD members, Wade Fallin, Marlowe Goble and Jeff Robbins are still available for consultation and assistance subject to availability and consent.

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