Super Singapore Tour
These are the super trees at Gardens by the Bay

Super Singapore Attractions

All the information here are also available on Google search, but they are curated and compiled here in an organised fashion for your easy reference. I have also select the best for you and many secret tips only a local would know.

I am a retired orthopedic surgeon from Canada living in Singapore as a permanent resident for the last 25 years.
I am not a qualified travel consultant. This program was drawn up as an itineary for my sister in law and her husband when they visited us in Singapore for a two weeks stay.

Here is a capsule summary of what Singapore is:

1. Instant Asia.
2. A wealthy nation with many surprises.
3. The country is governed like a huge efficient corporation.

Why Singapore lah?

  1. Singapore is the gateway to Asia with 80% of all major cities in Asia are within 5 hours flight from Singapore.

  2. The working language in Singapore is English and a 100% of the population speaks English. Singaple is biligual and the majority of the population also speak Chinese.

  3. Singapore is located one degree north of the equator and was known to be hot and humid all year round, but with climate change the weather has turned into a pleasant warm fall like weather all year round. It is perpetual summer.

  4. The best time to visit Singapore is from October to December where the temperature is coolest and humidity lowest although it can be rainy at times.

  5. Major crime and petty crimes are almost non-existence in Singapore and almost none remain unsolved. Beside Japan, Singapore is the safest city in the world. Pickpockets are a rarity in Singapore unlike many cities in Europe and other parts of Asia. Singapore is safe in spite of the fact that there is no police petrol around to be seen anywhere or screaming siren from police cruisers.

  6. The streets are are meticulously clean and there are no homeless around unlike Market street in San Francisco.

  7. Not to worry if you fall sick in Singapore. Singapore has one of the best health care system in the world. The Singapore General Hospital is rated as the third best hospital in the world by Times Magazine after the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic.

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Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with spectacular waterfront views.

At the mouth of the Singapore river is the iconic Merlion statue spouting an exuberent jet of water. Merlion is a mythic animal with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

The English name of "Singapore" is an anglicisation of the native Malay name for the city state, Singapura, which was in turn derived from the Sanskrit word for lion. Thus Singapore is also know as the Lion City.

The original name of Singapore is Temasek deriving from the Malay word for lake ‘Tasek‘. This old Javanese name, Temasek, hails from the 13th century and translates as Sea Town.

Visible from the coast line and all of the downtown area is the iconic triple-towered 55-storey buildings holding up a ship like structure on the top floors.

This is the Marina Bay Sands the triple-towered, 55-storey Moshe Safdie-designed mega property fronting the reclaimed land on Marina Bay is reportedly the most expensive stand-alone integrated resort ever built costing $5.5 billion. It was built by Sheldon Adelson, the chairman and chief executive of Las Vegas Sands. He reportedly recouped his investment in 3 years.Marina Bay Sands has high end shopping and a 5-star hotel both of which are must try when you are in Singapore.

The annual revenue of the Marina Bay Sands is a billion dollar a year and Sheldon Adelson recouped his investment in 3 years!

                       Indian Temple

The Buddha Tooth Chinese Temple in Chinatown above.
Indian temples (bottom left) and shop houses in Chinatown. (top left).

Singapore is Instant Asia.

It is a cocaphany of all the three main culture and religion in Asia namely Muslim, Hinduism and Budhism. Places of worship of these three main Asian religions are located less than 100 metres from each other in Chinatown. Singapore also has a large Christian community.

This St Andrew's Church located downtown city center was built by the British and was included in a city plan by Sir Stanford Raffles. The church was designed by George Drumgoole Coleman in the neo-classical style. The foundation stone was laid on 9 November 1835. It still stands today in a plot of land in the centre of the business district area right next to a subway station.

The population live in complete religious harmony and all four religious holidays are equally declared as puplic holidays by the government. The government has strict antireligious defamation law to ensure respect and harmony. The intent of this law to enforce moderation and tolerance towards each other and not to instiage religious enmity or hatred. Even in food courts, food dishes are returned separately as halal and non-halal utensils.

CÉ LA VI is a stunning roof top restaurant and bar

located at the top of the Marina Bay Sands at one end of the ship like structure perched on top of the three 54 storey Marina Band Sands towers.

The restaurant has an amazing unobstructed panoramic city view of the Singapore modern skyline.

This is a must go to place for sunset relaxation and dinner when in Singapore. Make reservation for 6.30 pm so you will experience relaxing sunset view and the spectacular night scene. This is one of the few restaurants and bars that require proper dress code for admission so no flip flop or singlets or skimpy dress. Here is the link for menu, booking and dress code.

Getting Around Singapore.

Several years ago there was a “Handy phone” scheme where a phone would be available in your room of some hotels (not all) to take out with you to use maps and internet and you could book sightseeing tickets on it. That Handy scheme was discontinued in Singapore a couple of years ago. This is a big disappointment.

My advise is to bring your own mobile phone for your visit to Singapore and buy a local SIM card to insert into your own phone.

A good option is to get a virtual sim card. Please see this link. This way it is quite cheap and you can continue to use your existing sim card for multiple countries. Check this option here

To save the aggravation here are some apps you may want to preinstall on your mobile before you leave.

Useful essential apps are:

  1. Moovit - Detail instructions with maps on how to get around anywhere in the city.
    After launching the app, all you have to do is input your destination.
    is app will track your current location and suggest a number of available transport options like walking, bicycling, driving and public.

  2. Google Map is a useful alternative. It has voice instructions as you go. The suggested route are essentially the same route as as that of Moovit.

  3. Grab and Ryde are taxi hailing apps that show you location of the cab and direct communication with the driver.

Download these apps from Google Playstore. To be sure you get the right app, append your search with Singapore.

Year End Celebration of Christmas and New Year in Singapore

One reason why it is best to visit from October to December

Every year from 13 November till the end of the year, the streets of Orchard Road, the high end shopping district will be illuminated by dazzling arches of lights, bedecked with flower motifs. This 3.1 kilometre-length display Christmas light is the world largest display of Christmas lights and stretches the whole length of the shopping district. All the major department stores are decorated in competition with each other. This

Part of the district will be decorated with an array of red, white and gold poinsettias.Visitors walking along the stretch between ION Orchard and Ngee Ann City will hear recorded tunes or live Christmas carols from popular Christmas carols between 5pm – 10.30pm daily and 5pm – 12.36pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
The length of display can be covered by foot or by car. The traffic gets quite heavy closer to Christmas eve

Massive display of Fireworks on New Year Eve at the waterfront.

Like in all internal city, New Year is welcome with great fanfare and celebration. The MRT (subway) and roads leading to the waterfront has equally massive human and traffic jam. Be forewarned, it is best to stay away from these areas during New Year Eve.

Old Market or Lau Pa Sat

This unique, octagonal, cast-iron structure was first built in 1824 as a fish market on the waterfront. The cast-iron structures were crafted in an iron foundry in Glasgow, Scotland and then shipped over to Singapore, and assembled on its current location in the heart of the Central Business District.. This foodie's paradise is surrounded by the tallest buildings in Singapore.

After dinner take a 10 minute easy stroll over to the Merlion statue at the mouth of Singapore river and take a night cruise over to Boat Quay where the night action is.

Foodies' Paradise

For some of the best hawker food in Singapore, you don't need to look any further than Lau Pa Sat. This is home to some of the best hawker food in the country. You'll find delicious dishes from all over Asia.

The massive interior houses over 200 food stalls distributed along eight hallways, converging onto a central atrium where the drinks stall dispenses beer, water, and soft drinks to wash the spicy selections down.
Here is a virtual tour of Lau Pa Sat

The Satay Club is out door satay dining

The road beside Lau Pa Sat is blocked off starting at 6 pm. Over 70 tables are laid out for outdoor satay dining.

Over the years, Stalls 7 and 8 have emerged as the most popular.

Order direct from the stalls and not from the touters who may bring you food from a different stall.

Satay is grilled meat on a stick, a Malay favorite

Choose from Chicken, Mutton, Beef Satay (S$0.70/stick, minimum 10 pieces), and be sure to add the much-loved Rice Cake (S$1). The meat is tender and charred to perfection, but the peanut sauce steals the show.

Dont forget to try the super mouth watering grilled shrimp.

Riverside activities and vibrant night life in Singapore

Falsehoods and Truths about Singapore Inc

It is called "Singapore Inc" because it is a small enough city state to be run efficiently like a large coporation.

Truths about Singapore Inc

Singapore Inc. has many firsts:

  1. The Singapore internation Changi Airport has been repeatedly voted as one of the best airport in the world and almost always within the top three best.

  2. The Singapore Airline is also voted repeated as the best airline in the and almost always within the top three. Its call sign is SQ code name for Superior Quality. Singapore Airline's iconic air stewardess wears uniform by designed by Parisian couturier Pierre Balmain in 1968.

  3. Singapore has an estimated median income per capita in 2022 of
    According to UN estimates in 2015/6 the per

Singapore is one of the safest city in the world outside of Tokyo.

Petty crimes like pickpockets and snatch thieves are practically unknown. But it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Yet you do not see police petrols on the streets and there are no screaming police cruiser sirens.

Why? see the news below!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Singapore Joke, no kidding

Auto handcuff machine invented in Japan prevent stealing from machine.

In Japan, in 30 minutes, it caught 2 thieves.

Same machine, in U.S.A in 30 min, caught 50 thieves;

UK in 30 min, it caught 20 thieves;

Uganda in 10 min, it caught 500 thieves;

Malaysia in 5 minutes the machine was stolen.

In Singapore the thief was in jail the same day



Jewel at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

This is the largest man made waterfall in the world. The whole Jewel complex cost US$1.25 billion ) and designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie, Jewel has 10 stories -- five above ground and five in the basement.