About our guiding principle

Our incubator is committed to improving the quality of life for the injured and impaired, focusing primarily on orthopedic injuries and surgeries.  Our business, legal, regulatory, clinical, research and product development experts collaborate with investors, industry, academia, surgeons and other key opinion leaders to form highly effective, creative, collaborative and capital efficient teams that conceptualise, develop and demonstrate clinically ready surgical technologies that can lead to improved surgical outcomes. We are committed to fostering healthy, enduring, long term relationships predicated on the principles of integrity, transparency, honesty, hard work and mutual respect with our consultant surgeons. 

Replicate our past success!

Dr. Chan co-founded VentureMD in the US with Prof. Wade Fallin.  Dr. Chan is also a managing partner at VentureMD.  This is a highly successful medtech venture and  technology incubator.  The past achievement of this company is documented on our Portfolio page.  

Dr. Chan is a technology consultant and board member at Surgical Frontiers another US based technology incubator company also founded by Prof. Wade Fallin.  

Base on our past success with VentureMD and Surgical Frontiers we can also call this mirror incubator VentureSG.  But OrthoGenic is more suggestive of an orthopedic device focus of the company's mission.