Backing Up

Resilio is based on the very successful BitTorrent Sync technology. It can sync files between two computer without the need for an internet connection.  However the disadvantages are both computers must be on at the same time and both must be on the same network.  The advantages are:

The files are synced locally to your computer and there are no copies on the cloud.  So unlike DropBox and Google Drive there is no remote access to your synced file. This is all history.  Bittorent Sync no longer exist. I tried upgrading from 1.4 to 2.0 because the program keep pestering me to do so.  The upgrade turns out to be a disaster.  1.4 was working fine and is less complex and easier to use than 2.0. Version 2.0 does not allow you to sync to your folder of choice and instead it forces you to use a specific folder inside a monolithic BitTorrent folder like Dropbox.  This is really a bad idea.  Here is a very uncomplimentary discussion about the Version 2.0 upgrade.  Here is another discussion on Reddit about initial experience with 2.0.  (added 20150918).  This is a very succinct article why you don’t want to use Bittorrent Synch 2.0 which is exactly my sentiment.You will notice that there is a Share… option in your BitTorrent Sync v 1.4.  Do not use this Share...option,  it will direct you to a website and ask you upgrade to 2.0.  This is where I got trapped.  Instead if you want to sync a folder go to Preference... for that folder (click on the 3 vertical dots on the extreme right of the screen).  Then  “View Key”, and copy the secret key.   Send this secret key by email so that it can be retrieved on another device.  Then go to Option.. (top right on the BitTorrent Sync window) and choose enter key.One of the great inconvenience of upgrading to 2.0 is that on installation, you are obligated to a 30 day trial of PRO with no option to opt out or postpone the trial. My greatest hesitation here is what happen after 30 days trial if you decide not to go PRO.  The installation software does not give you any hint as to what happen after the trial or at least I could not find it easily.  If you are happy with 1.4 why take the risk?

There are two reasons why I use Resilio Sync:

to synchronise my files across several of my computers (Macs and PCs) and it does this very well.

simply synchronising my files to computers at different locations, I am automatically performing off site backup (in addition to backing up on external hard drives).

I do not share files using Resilio Sync as not everyone I wish to share files with has Resilio Sync installed.  For the occasional file sharing and a few files that I need to access remotely from computers not owned by me, I used either Dropbox or Google Drive.  This for me, once I set which folders I need to sync amongst my computers I rarely have to go back to settings.  So if your use case is similar to mine then there is no need to upgrade to version 2.0.  If you would like to know more about how 2.0 works here is the linkMy recommendation is to stay with Resilio as it works very well.

Luckily I was able to find this article (20160305 - linked is dead) that give the instruction to downgrade back to 1.4.  It is a little complicated but if you follow the instructions carefully you should not have any problem.  It took less time than I thought.

Added on 20150703 re: Downgrade Android Sync 2.0 to 1.4

[Upgraded to Sync 2.0 a while ago on my Samsung Galaxy Note.  Since I have downgrade on my desktops to Sync 1.4, I need to downgrade my Android phone back to 1.4 in order for it to work.

Fortunately, I was able to find the installation package (apk) for Android Sync 1.4 here.  First you need to uninstall Android Sync 2.0 and install Android Sync 1.4.65.apk.  Since this is not a package being installed from Play Store you need to go to Settings\General\Security and select “Allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources.  For safety don’t forget to uncheck this security option after installation.]

Where to download version 1.411.  

I have used this version since its release in mid 2014 and have not found any problem with it.  It is very stable  and has not failed me at any time. Fortunately the installation file is still availble at (link is still live at 20160714).  Would advise that you download the desired installation package as it may not be available in the future.

Good luck.