Google Sites

How to Start from Scratch Building a website for your domain.

Primary Domain

The first thing you want to do is to redirect your root domain such as to your google sites.  A point of clarification, Google calls the “root” domain as the “naked” domain.

Assign a domain as a custom URL on a personal Google Site  - new Google Sites  YouTube Demo

Assigning a custom URL know how. See Steegle.

You need to turn on your Google Search in your permission in your Google Admin ( first.

In your Admin panel ( click on /Domains/  Manage domain/  Add a domain. Use naked domain such as  Then click on “Redirect your naked domain.”

Choose as the desired web address to direct the naked domain request.

When you click on Continue you will be given instructions on how to change the A-record in your domain host usually the place where your registered your domain.

For example if your domain host is GoDaddy, after you login to your account, click on “My Account” (bottom of page)/Domains/Launch.  Then select”DNS Zone File”/Edit.

Under A(Host) @, change the Point to:

Web Address Mapping

How to make as on the URL address bar.

The original Google Site Help is here.  The following updated link gives you good options for customising your web address.

Routing your emails via Google Apps

Connection to email server is managed by the MX record (mail exchange record).  A description of what an MX record is available here at Wikipedia.  

A more detail description on how to handle MX records on Google apps is given here at Google’s website.  

The instruction on how to change MX record for Google apps is here

This address is already being used

If you encounter this error message while trying to set up the Web Address Mapping even though it did not appear on the Web Address list, the reason is you have used the subdomain such as in your URL Web Address Mapping during the initial set up.

It is rather complicated as to how to reset it to the default setting.  Here is how to navigate there:

cpanel/Settings/Sites/General/Change URL(Web Address)/Change URLS for all domain services

Direct Link is this

Make sure the Web Pages URL is selected for the “default” option and not the “custom” option

How to create copy of a site

Sign in as administrator to your Google account

Go to

Select the site you want to make a copy

Click on “More option icon” (spoked wheel in the top right corner)

Manage Site

Copy this site

Landing Page - Default page when you visit this site

I normally use the copy as the archived page and make changes to the original for the new page.  This way the root url such as will lead to the same page where as the archived copy has a different URL which is assigned during creation of the copy.

I normally create an Under Construction Page

Edit SideBar

Sites/More/Edit Site Layout/SideBar - Click on Edit icon

Adjusting Line Spacing and Font Colors

In edit mode of the webpage select [HTML] then make changes like below.  You need to have a modicum knowledge of HTML to do this.

Example <span style="background-color:transparent;line-height:150%">

For changing font colors see

For changing line spacing see  here.

How to re-arrange your page sequence or hide a page.

By default the pages are arranged in alphabetical order.  

You can turn this off by removing the checkmark from “Automatically organize my navigation” (More/Edit Site Layout/Edit Navigation Gadget). 

You have to add the individual page you want to be visible on the sidebar 

Use the up/down arrows to arrange your sequence.

The original Google documentation on how to configure your sidebar and navigation gadget is here.

How to create a website.

How to delete a site you have just created.

Only owners have the ability to delete sites. As the owner, you can visit the URL and recover your site within 30 days after deletion.

How to edit a webpage.

Changing ISP

This is a good article on how to ensure your Google Sites continue to function properly when you change your ISP.  It will explain when changing your ISP what steps are necessary for your Apps and Sites to continue functioning properly.