Vision:  To be the leading medtech incubator in Singapore

Mission:  Taking clinical solutions to surgical ready products by the fastest route using the most capital efficient method.

What is the unmet need?.
There are are very only 3 medtech company in Singapore and they are:
1. Venture Corp has a large medtech division employing 200 medtech engineers.   
2. Medtronic has a global Centre of Excellence (CoE) for innovation in Singapore to design, test and scale new business.
3. Dornier MedTech is a urology testing equipment medtech company.
Other than these 3 large companies there are not that many medical device companies in Singapore.  None of these companies are in the surgical field and will not take early ideas to surgery ready products
The pain point for surgeons and key surgical opinion leaders is that there are no conduits to take their clinical solutions to surgery ready products .

How big is the problem?

There are 300 orthopedic surgeons were registered in Singapore plus many more urologists and general surgeons.  

I have been approached by several surgeons to help take their clinical solutions to surgery ready products.  A urologist consultant at SGH and trainee surgeon at SGH has asked for help. Documentation on file.

My Solution
Provide  a turnkey commercialization solution based on my track record and  and  experience.System was acquired by 
New product requiring proof of concept funding
1.  5th Generation Vacuum Mixer
2.  5th Generation Arthroscopic Shoulder Tendon Repair
3.  Minimally invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Currently in reserve
My process
1.  Develop technology in house with barebone staff and mostly my own expertise.
2.  In house design, patent filing, fabrication of demonstration working prototype.
3.  Outsource production ready prototype to selected contract manufacturer in the region, China and the US.
4.   Key strategy is to file US patent applications, aim for 510K device certification and a market ready product.
5.  Strategise for licensing or asset sale

My Secret Sauce

US patent protection, a surgery ready product with production ready device for evaluation and aim for 510K device registration.  All these can be achieved with in house experience and a stellar track record.

Risk free investment for acquirer of technology.

Avoid an expensive sales network, but focus on developing more new technology which is high value and is what we do best.

Our strategy, experience and track record indicate that this can be achieved readily.


Essentially none as stated in the unmet need section.
ASTAR, NTU and NUS has an incubator and funding programs but none has the breadth, depth and experience as OrthoGenic.
Singapore- MIT program as a funding scheme of which by disclosure I am on the funding review panel.
Merci incubator at NUS founded by Prof CN Lee has closed and merged with iHealthTech chaired by Prof Lim Chwee Teck.  The  20 PI's at iHealthTech have been approached by numerous VC to fund their startup but they don't have the experience for surgical ventures. I have pending support letter from Prof Lee and Prof Lim pledging their support for OrthoGenic.

Market Strategy.
US, China, Japan and Singapore are the key markets.
US patent protection.   Focus on 510K devices only.    Production ready evaluation prototype
Key potential acquirer of technologies contacted  Zimmer Biomet,  Mitek, Stryker, Howmedica
Contract manufacturer in current discussions include, SO and US contract manufacturers.
A licensing deal or asset acquisition with minimal investion cost and risks for technology acquirer.
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