Merry Xmas 2023

From Joan and Casey

Hello Everyone;

Wishing for you and yours a very Merry Christmas.
For us it has been a more eventful year to date.

Over last Christmas we had Marla, a friend’s daughter, stayed with us for a week.
She was followed by Patricia, Casey’s sister from Australia, and stayed over the

Chinese New Year in February to enjoy the celebrations, the first for the whole family to get together in 3 years!

In October, my nephew Eric and his wife Lisa came for a short visit then left onto Phuket, Thailand for a skin diving holiday, then on to the Maldives for a fewweeks. Nice holiday, eh? Here we are enjoying local delights with Eric and Lisa.

For the past year we have down sized into a 3 bedroom govenment flat.  Here is the stuning sunset greenery city view from our window on the 30th floor.
The subway station is only 5 minutes away. It is super convenient with foodcourt and a 24 hour grocery store just downstairs.
This place is just like a private condo and has won numerous design awards.

Casey has been getting more part time work at the University of Singapore, giving lectures, setting and marking exams, etc. Very glad this is happening as he is enjoying it.

Despite the Covid surges in N America, I took the bull by the horns as it were, and nerved myself up for a trip to Canada in September. Casey didn’t want to travel and stayed at home to take care of the birds and cats.

I spent 2 weeks on the farm, just with the sisters, brother and nieces. I attended the wedding of one of my niece Taylor, Robert’s daughter, on the 30th September. She had a lovely day for a ceremony held in an outdoor chapel in the woods. The following week my sisters and I took one-day trip to Stratford to see “Scamalot”. This is a Monty Python play and was quite funny in my humble opinion. I was in time for the colour change of the leaves; everything was quite beautiful by the time I had to leave.

We are having friends from Canada over Christmas again this year. They are supposed to be here for 4 days prior a cruise. Plan a supper at the faculty club's Scholars Restaurant on the 25th , followed by a trip to see the light display on Orchard Road. It’s has always been quite a spectacular display and of course the department stores go all out adding to the colour and music. There should also be carollers, church and school choirs, rarees, acrobats, and more, all doing their things.

That is about all for us. We do wish you all the best for 2024.