#1. What is the likely diagnosis? (2 marks)

 Avascular necrosis (1 mark) of the right femoral head (1 marks))

B. #2. Outline the blood supply of the femoral head. (2 marks)

 Profunda femoris/deep femoral artery,

 medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries,

 ascending cervical branches,

 retinacular vessels,

 artery of the ligamentum teres

(0.5 mark each, any 4)

C. #3. Name 4 possible risk factors. (4 marks)

 Trauma/hip dislocation,




 Deep-sea diving,

 Sickle cell disease,



(1 mark each, any 4)


D. #4. What is the treatment of choice for this patient? (2 marks)

 Total hip replacement

Why increase bone density, crescent
Ficat classification
Crescent sign