Club Foot

Congenital talipes equinovarus

A newborn baby boy is born with deformed feet as shown in the attached clinical photograph.

A. #10. Describe the deformities seen in the clinical picture shown. (3 marks)

 Cavus foot


Cavus of midfoot

Adduction of forefoot

Varus of midfoot

Equinus of hindfoot

 Adduction of midfoot

Hindfoot valgus?

Hindfoot in varus?

(Any 3, 1 mark each)

B. #11. What is the diagnosis? (1 mark)

 Bilateral clubfoot / congenital talipes equinovarus

C. #12. List TWO conditions that this may be associated with. (2 marks)

 Spina bifida

 Cerebral palsy

 Arthrogryposis multiplex / distal arthrgryposis

 Constriction band syndrome

 Diastrophic dysplasia

myelomeningocele???????also Link


Charcot Marie Tooth?????also LINK
Down syndrome ???

Trisomy 18 ???

(Any 2, 1 mark each)

D. #13. How would you treat this baby’s feet in the first instance? (4 marks)

 Serial manipulation and casting (3 marks) followed by bracing/foot-abduction brace (1 mark) till the age of 4. Is this???
==>foot abduction orthosis: Dennis-Browne boots

This is the Ponseti technique (1 mark)

 Surgery/surgical methods (1 mark)

Club Foot Deformity
Cavus foot
Adduction of midfoot