Club Foot

Congenital talipes equinovarus

A newborn baby boy is born with deformed feet as shown in the attached clinical photograph.

A. #10. Describe the deformities seen in the clinical picture shown. (3 marks)

 Cavus foot



 Adduction of midfoot

(Any 3, 1 mark each)

B. #11. What is the diagnosis? (1 mark)

 Bilateral clubfoot / congenital talipes equinovarus

C. #12. List TWO conditions that this may be associated with. (2 marks)

 Spina bifida

 Cerebral palsy

 Arthrogryposis multiplex / distal arthrgryposis

 Constriction band syndrome

 Diastrophic dysplasia

(Any 2, 1 mark each)

D. #13. How would you treat this baby’s feet in the first instance? (4 marks)

 Serial manipulation and casting (3 marks) followed by bracing/foot-abduction brace (1 mark) till the age of 4.

This is the Ponseti technique (1 mark)

 Surgery/surgical methods (1 mark)

Club Foot Deformity
Cavus foot
Adduction of midfoot