Welcome Ted and Sharon 

to my beautiful Singapore

This private webpage is a private guide to Singapore for 

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and  is not published for the general public.

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Good to know information and facts to know prior to coming to Singapore.

My following three  blogs are quick facts about my beautiful city:

Singapore is 1 degree north of the equator.  December is the coolest month of the year in Singapore but it can be a bit rainy.  Come prepared with an umbrella or the hotel can loan you one. The mean temperature is likely to be around 30 degrees and may drop to 26 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 86.5%.  It feels like a warm fall day in Canada.  The heat is quite tolerable as all transportation and buildings are air conditioned. 
As a matter of fact December is the best time to visit Singapore.

Have the following ready before you arrive in Singapore:

Detail of suggested program below

Dec 24   

Arriving in Singapore after a  4 day stay in Japan. 

SIA Flight:  SQ 637 Landing at 5.45pm.

On landing you will clear the super efficient immigration and custom very quickly in less than 15 minutes and your luggage will be waiting for you at the luggage belt after immigration formalities.

I will meet you at the airport as you exit the luggage belt area.   

No need to bring or exchange for Singapore dollars.  One Canadian dollar is equal to one Singapore dollar.

When we meet at the airport I will hand over to you Singapore $200.  You can transfer CAD $200 to our Canadian CIBC account when you get back to Canada.  Easy and no hassle.  With your credit cards, S$200 is all you need for 4 days.

I understand that the the hotel has arranged a pickup at the airport on your arrival.

Taxis are also available for hire at the taxi stands in the arrival areas of Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4.   A ride to the city centre takes about 30 minutes and costs between S$20 and S$40. All fares are metered.

There is an Airport Surcharge for all trips originating from the Airport  Mon–Sun (5:00PM–11:59PM): S$8 Airport Surcharge

For four days you'll probably not need more than S$200 in cash as credit card is accepted everywhere including public transportation.

     Synopsis of a suggested program for your stay in Singapore

24th Dec - Arrival in Singapore landing at 5.45 pm
I will meet you at the airport after you've collect your luggage.  I will be standing just outside luggage belt area.

Login to the free airport wifi and we will stay in touch on WhatsApp just in case we miss each other

25th Dec We meet at the Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown at 12.00 noon, you'll probably have to take a taxi from your hotel at about 11.30 am.  We have lunch at food street (Smith Street in Chinatown).  After lunch we view the Buddha Tooth Temple and the famous Indian Temple in Chinatown.  At about 3 pm we head for the Singapore Botanic Garden/Orchidarium

25th Dec evening - after the Botanic Garden we head for dinner at Faculty club and see Xmas decoration on Orchard in the downtown shopping area.

26th Dec - come to our house to have lunch then to Bird Paradise.
In the evening we have outdoor Satay dinner at the old market

27th Dec - on your own to Garden by the Bay, dinner (5.30pm) at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant  and light show starts at (7.15pm) just 10 minutes walk away.

28th Dec - depart for cruise

Please see below for detail program.

25th  Lunch at Food Street in Chinatown

At about 11.30am take a taxi from hotel to Buddha Tooth Temple in Chinatown where I will meet you at about 12.00 noon infront of the temple.  A block away is Food Street where we will have lunch.

25th  Dec after lunch

We will we will see the Buddha Tooth Temple.

The Indian Temple is just one block from the Buddha Tooth Temple

25th  Dec after visiting temples in Chinatown we go to  the Botanic Garden and Orchidarium.

The Singapore Botanic Garden is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Orchidarium is very worthwhile seeing.
This visit and lunch will take about  2 to 3 hours

25th Dec evening

After visiting the Botanical Garden, we will at 6 pm have dinner at the Faculty Club's Scholar Chinese Restaurant for Chinese cuisine.  Sample Menu

Scholar Chinese Restaurant  at

Kent Ridge Guild House

9 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119241

Tel: 6779 1811         or  6586 3710

After dinner we head downtown to the main shopping district for a dazzling display of Xmas lights, decoration and live Xmas carols.

This 5 mile stretch is the world largest display of Xmas festivities.

There are also many live Xmas carols and baskers on the street.

Many tourists come to Singapore just to view this.

26th Dec afternoon

Take a taxi (Grab) from Hotel to arrive at our place at about 11 am, you may have to start from hotel at about 10.30 am.

Our address is:

87 Dawson Road, #30-27


Tell taxi driver to enter the multstorey carpark via Dawson Road, and let you off at drop off point A  block 87. We will meet you there.  Message us by WhatsApp as you leave hotel.

26th Dec 

After lunch we proceed by public transportation to Bird Paradise.

We will watch 2 shows at the Sky Amphitheatre: 

Predators on Wings      2:30pm 

Wings of the World        5:00pm

Notes for ourselves:
Public Transportation to Bird Paradise.  Take about 1 hr 9 mins

26th Dec evening

After Bird Paradise we proceed by Grab taxi to the Old Market for outdoor Satay dinner.

Dec 27 Afternoon

Half day outing at Gardens by the Bay on your own. Start before noon.

This is a must see tourist attraction in Singapore. 

It cost more than $1.0 billion to built and about $50 million to maintain it every year.  It has the world's largest terrariums. 

See the various attractions available in this link.

Must see attracts include:

Foral Fantasy and Flower Dome will be Xmas themed!

5.30 pm.  Dinner for 2 at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurnt (just beside the flower dome)

Reservation made (under Dr. English x 2) at for 5.30 pm.
Watch is light show which starts at 7.15 pm and is only 10 minutes walk away from the restaurant.  Bring a towel to lay on the ground to face skyward to watch this amazing music synchronised light show.   

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