oysters on toast

Good oysters are from the cold waters of Canada.  The best are Malpeque and Marypoint osyters.

Top, Malpeque oysters from New Brunswick is incomparable in flavor.

Bottom, Marypoint osysters are meaty and juicy with fine texture.

There are many super recipe for Oysters on toast.  Below are two:

  Generally, fresh oyster is about $3 to $4 a piece.  

How is it possible for me to make my oyster on toast for 35 Cents a piece?

See my simulated secret recipe below!

Here is my recipe for "Oyster" on toast for 35 cents a piece. Incomparable 無得鼎呀 and ichiban oishii 美味しい!   

You need imagination to enjoy this splendid epicunarian concoction.  It is appreciated by vegetarian and pescatarian alike.  The sliced tomato, sea salt and pepper on a thick toast brings out the marine flavor.  The juicey soft boiled egg with sea salt is akin to fresh juicy oysters.  Just let your imagination go wild and enjoy the texture and sea flavor.

My Note on how to eat your "oyster" toast

This dish does have to be built as a thick oishii toast. The recipe is arranged on a small platter with the toast in the middle.  The tomato slices and egg are slippery.  Best eaten by sliding the toast just off the edge of the plate and chew off in bit sizes.

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